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  American Business Women's Association-Paradise Chapter #6491



August 2016- 8/5th thru 8/6th - ABWA ASC Roundup at Hotel Valley Ho, Scottsdale, AZ

August 2016 - 8/10 - Chapter Meeting
Speaker -  Doris Milton,
PhD, RN, EA Master Tax Advisor

Topic - Career Sabotage





September 2016 - 9/14- Chapter Meeting

Speaker: TBA

Topic: Communicate & Collaborate


September 2016 - 9/10 @ the Karsten Trophy Room,

1125 E Rio Salado Pkwy, Tempe, AZ 85281 

ICC Meeting luncheon - (11:30 am)


September 2016 - 9/17 in Casa Grande

ASC Meeting  TBA

September 22nd Paradise Chapter of the American Business Women's Association celebrates American Business Women Day: ABWA The Place To Be! (video presentation for interested, prospective members)

Then, think about joining us in ABWA: The American Business Women’s Association!

Ask your employer to sponsor you into the organization! Many businesses do.

Membership information is on the last page of our website: www.abwaparadisechapter.org Click and see.

 Or Contact any member: Wanda Vaughan 602-992-7894; Rosemary Rosenberger 602-690-7702; Marie Medawar (602) 790-4121; Nicole Ventura 602-859-7002


October 2016 - 10/12- Chapter Meeting

20th Anniversary                                                                                           Special Vacation Auction

Speaker - Ellyn Ventura, Dream Vacations Specialist
Topic -     Travel On Dream Vacations

* A 45 minute Market Relevant talk...

Our October 10, 2016 meeting which is our Anniversary Celebration will end with a Vacation Auction. There will not be a business meeting at this event.
A Board member will be our auctioneer, so come prepared to get yourself a “fun” vacation souvenir, at a great price. Values are a minimum of $15!
 Item will be wrapped and the location of the vacation on a card attached, so you will not know just what you are getting and you‟ll open it up and…
Walla! We all will see YOUR Vacation Souvenir!
It's lots of fun!  So members bring your wrapped item, and members and guests can bid,or observe  !


 November 2016- 11/9 - Regular Chapter Meeting

Speaker -   Margaret Ann Kurtz, CLU, LUTCF, CLTC, ChSNC
Topic - 
 Trust & Respect


November 2016 - 11/12 ICC Meeting @ the Karsten Trophy Room, 1125 E Rio Salado Pkwy, Tempe, AZ 85281 - 11:30


December  2016 - Chapter Social

Program:  TBA



Chocolate Basket Education Benefit Drawing: $5 each ticket   Delivered in December - to your home.



January 14th 2017 -  Saturday Luncheon - ICC Meeting/President's Day  @    Karsten  Trophy Room, Tempe. 1125 E Rio Salado Pkwy. Cost: $20    Lunch served at 11:45 am


January 2017 - 1/11 - Chapter Meeting                    


Speaker:   TBA
Topic -         Integrity & Accountability:  Core Values



January -- 2017 - Saturday Luncheon - ABWA AZ State Council (ASC) Meeting  
in Yuma more info to follow


February 2017  2/8  - Chapter Meeting



Speaker -  Katreena Hayes-Wood   
Topic -
    How To Work A Room:  Savvy Socializing



March 2017 3/8 - Chapter Meeting 


Speaker -  TBA

 Topic -   Decision Making & Problem Solving




ICC Meeting   March 11th

@    Karsten  Trophy Room, Tempe. 1125 E Rio Salado Pkwy.

Cost: $20    Lunch served at 11:45 am




  ASC Showcase of ABWA's Women of the Year - Date April  TBA

Arizona State Council‘s 2017 Women of the Year Showcase    11:30 a.m. until 3 p.m. $35 / per person ~ Registration necessary.



Membership Enrollment Tea @ the English Rose Room in Carefree TBA

12:45 pm Saturday afternoon.
 Dutchess of Bedford Formal Tea $20 per person in advance. Send check to:


April 2017- 4/12 - Chapter Meeting   


Speaker -  TBA



Topic:  -     Overcoming Service Difficulties/It's Not Fair




May 2017- 5/10  - ICC Fellowship Day

Karsten  Trophy Room, Tempe. 1125 E Rio Salado Pkwy.

Cost: $20    Lunch served at 11:45 am



  May 2017 - 5/10  - Chapter Meeting

Speaker -  Shehara Smallwood, Financial Advisor
Topic -  Financial Statements Comprehension

  Your Story Financial, LLC  (602) 730-1160
"Financial Success, One Chapter at a Time"    


June 2017 - 6/14  - Chapter Meeting
Business Associate Event!

Speaker -
 Co-Presidents - Nicole Ventura/Marie Medawar



Topic - Celebrate Your Stars!  Past Year’s Review


June 2017 - ASC Leadership Retreat (TBA)

Leadership Retreat (Location to be confirmed)

July 2017 - 7/13  - Chapter Meeting

 Speaker:   TBA

Topic:  Excel 2016:  The Basics































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